The Sales & Buying Chapter thanks 👏 Atila Yenisen for his leadership as a Chapter Co-Chair

Atila Yenisen, CEO at MAKRO Cash & Carry CR, as of November 30, 2021, stepped down from his role of Co-Chair of the Sales & Buying Chapter Committee.  The Sales & Buying Chapter of LEAD Network thanks 👏 Atila Yenisen for his leadership, commitment and energy as a Chapter Co-Chair.

Camila Veith, Design for Channel Director at Unilever and Co-Chair of the Sales & Buying Chapter, said: ❝Atila was a founding member of the Sales & Buying Chapter and set the foundations for the fastest growing and most diverse membership base in LEAD Network. Atila epitomizes what a male ally can be in supporting diversity, especially in supporting women to progress in this industry. As a leader within a Retailer, he embraces the responsibility to champion less represented groups and brings passion and great ideas every step of the way. The Sales and Buying Chapter is incredibly grateful to his leadership and ongoing support of its mission. We wouldn’t be the Chapter we are today without him ❞
Everyone at LEAD Network is so grateful for your hard work! #thankyou, Atila Yenisen!
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January 10, 2022

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