Burn Out or Fade Away? How About Neither  - a new blog by Elise Misse

Burn Out or Fade Away? How About Neither  - the new blog by Elise Misse.   While 2020 will stand apart for most of us as one of the most challenging years in recent memory, personally and professionally, 2021 has been no picnic either. The impact of COVID-19 has continued to rumble into this year, and the so-called New Normal has required a significant degree of adjustment.

"As we have all been encouraged to keep calm and carry on, doing our best to ignore the global pandemic-shaped elephant in the room while we meet our professional expectations, it's harder and harder to keep going for many. A popular adage in the music industry claims that it's better to burn out than fade away. I disagree. We owe it to ourselves and our families to do what we can to avoid either outcome." – says Elise Misse

"It’s probably fair to say that all of us are dealing with some degree of fatigue right now, and with the holiday season coming, things are likely to get busier before they calm down. Take the time to protect your energy now. 2022’s version of yourself will thank you for it" - advise Elise Misse.


A not to be missed reading, you can find the full blog here.

Elise Misse, Global Communications Measurement Manager at Philip Morris International,  is a valued volunteer that collaborates with the LEAD Network with her Blog Series "Leadership at Work" #Thank you, Elise!

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