November 10, 2021.-

We’re proud to announce that Yves Blouin, Group Global Managing Director, L’OCCITANE Group has signed the CEO Pledge from the LEAD Network joining in the commitment to further accelerate gender parity and to prioritise inclusion in the value chain of the European retail and consumer goods sector. 





Yves says “This commitment will involve listening to communities, cultivating change in our teams and in the way we communicate. In other words, we want to do what we can to contribute to a world in which everyone has greater equality of opportunity. And there is still a lot to be done.”


Women already make up a little over 50% of management positions at L’OCCITANE Group. With a presence in over 90 countries, the Group and its brands embody a vibrant and multi-local culture – an environment that should lead to a diverse, equal and inclusive workplace.

On behalf of all the members of the LEAD Network, we thank Yves Blouin and L’OCCITANE Group team for their commitment in driving forward our mission to advance women in consumer goods and retail.

CEOs interested in signing the CEO pledge can connect with the LEAD Network for more information by emailing

Discover more about the CEO Pledge here:

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