Lilian Wassen hands over the baton to Marleen Daenen as Partner Ambassador for Diversey 

Marleen Daenen, European Marketing Lead Diversey Consulting at Diversey joins as Partner Ambassador.

Lilian Wassen hands over the baton to Marleen Daenen as Partner Ambassador for Diversey 

Marleen Daenen 


Marleen says: “The first ten years of my career, I worked in the meat sector as a scientific advisor, and I had to bring lots of coffees aroundbeing the only woman in the meeting rooms. And while I did it with a smile, it immediately gives you the sense that you have less authority. I ultimately gained respect, but I had to work double as hard as my male colleagues to get there but it’s absurd and especially disheartening for young women in science, technology, and engineering to see they are given less credibility simply based on the fact that they carry the X chromosome."


"Inclusion is a choice. And Diversey is determined to move that needle in the right direction by creating a diverse, equitable & inclusive work environment where everyone feels free to be themselves.  As the Partner Ambassador at LEAD Network for Diversey, I’m honored to be part of this journey to help support structures we should be building to reduce stress on families and making women believe it’s possible to combine a high demanding position and family. LEAD Network is all about making sure there are more tailwinds than headwinds when it comes to work and family and the integration of the two and that’s essential in my view.”


As a marketing and communications lead, Marleen Daenen has the European responsibility to ‘unlock the potential’ of our Diversey Consulting team, playing a critical role in leveraging the company’s portfolio on Food Safety Services. Marleen holds a degree in Veterinary Medicine and has a broad experience in food microbiology & food safety. She also has an additional background in Infection Prevention and nosocomial (hospital required) infections. Marleen is a proud mom of 2 teenagers and calls Antwerp home.


A grand thank you to Lilian Wassen and a warm welcome to Marleen Daenen! 


We're excited to have this talented leader join our team of partner ambassadors and welcome her to LEAD Network team of volunteers.

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