The Journey to 50/50™ - Frans Muller, President & CEO, Ahold Delhaize

LEAD Network is committed to share best practices for diversity & inclusion among industry leaders in the Retail and CPG industry.  Early 2021, we launched a series of interviews, The Journey to 50/50™, which capture top-level insights from CEOs for CEOs, to inspire those traveling a similar path. 


In this month's edition of The Journey to 50/50™, Frans Muller, President and CEO, Ahold Delhaize, talks about his journey towards diversity and gender equality: "D&I starts at the top and when leaders get involved and make the issue prominent, that's very powerful."


You can read the full interview here.


The mission of the LEAD Network is to attract, retain, and advance women in the consumer goods and retail sector in Europe through education, leadership, and business development. Our vision is of a fair, diverse, and vibrant industry where everyone can thrive.


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