❗️Never stop learning - The importance of Mentoring - A new blog by Elise Misse

In her latest blog about mentoring, Elise Misse says:“I owe a dent of thanks to my mentors from the LEAD Network. Having somebody in my corner to help me steer my ship was more beneficial than I can express.”  


At this time, I sought the advice and assistance of an external LEAD mentor, which provided me with a different perspective to an internal mentor at my workplace. Both approaches are valuable. However, as I was entering a new field of work, I found that the advice of an external mentor was critical. I was guided through the process as an individual, and as part of the wider business world.


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Elise Misse is the Global Communications Measurement Manager at Philip Morris International and collaborates with the LEAD Network with her Blog Series "Women at Work." 


#Thankyou, Elise!



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