❗New Chapter: LEAD Network BELUX β€“Β πŒπžπžπ­Β π­π‘πžΒ π­πžπšπ¦

With the BELUX Chapter underway, over the next weeks, we will introduce you to the faces behind the inspired and enthusiastic committee buzzing to make a difference on diversity and inclusion in this region! 


To kick things off, meet our 4 lovely members of the Learning & Education sub-committee:


Geraldine Cols, Customer Team Leader at Mondelez International

Geraldine joined the team for many exciting reasons. One of them is as a personal challenge to herself to put down her own biases & stereotypes to better embrace an openness to others opinions, perspectives & beliefs all in pursuit for a better environment to live and work in.

Lauren De BruyneCustomer Team Leader at Procter and Gamble

Lauren strongly believes that through the power of our differences, we can unite to make a big impact. What better way to sum it up than one of her favorite quotes on D&I, ‘A lot of different flowers make a bouquet.’


Dolores Crazover, Founder / CEO at DEI & You Consulting

To Dolores D&I means curbing unconscious biases to enable everyone to be authentic and have access to the same opportunities. It is empowering each voice to foster an inclusive culture by valuing and leveraging differences so that superior results can be achieved.


Gregory Samyn, HR Director Belgium at Unilever

Gregory’s superpower is helping others find  the final piece of their puzzle to create a perfect picture. Through this, he is geared up to one day see a BELUX region where every organization is gender inclusive, with all its leaders and employees educated about existing biases and how to overcome them to create equal opportunities for all. 



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