📌 Ten reasons why you should attend the LEAD Network Virtual Conference 2021

"We're living in a brave new world following the events of the last 18 months, but some degree of normality is steadily returning. Many of us are making plans to return to the workplace in some capacity. Whether that's staggering time between home and the office or finding a new solution, our relationship with work will likely shift once more.


One thing is sure – we need to start planning for the future, even if it feels uncertain right now. With this in mind, I am personally hugely excited about the LEAD Network Virtual Conference. While I will undeniably miss some of the face-to-face contact with the inspiring men and women that make up the LEAD Network, the online conference and discussion are still sure to be a highlight of 2021"  -says Elise Misse.


Are you considering joining the conference too?  Elise Misse, in this blog talks about the ten reasons why you should attend!


Read it now:  https://www.lead-eu.net/10-reasons-to-attend-the-lead-network-virtual-conference-2021/


You can register for the LEAD Network Virtual Conference 2021 here.


Elise Misse, is a member and volunteer of the LEAD Network.   A grand thank you Elise for all your contributions.  You can find out more about Elise's blog serieshttps://www.lead-eu.net/women-at-work/


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