Silviu Popovici - CEO, PepsiCo Europe has signed the CEO Pledge

We are proud to announce that Silviu Popovici, CEO, PepsiCo Europe has signed the LEAD Network Europe CEO Pledge


Silviu Popovici, CEO, PepsiCo Europe says: “We’ve made good progress in Europe on gender parity, but we would like to move faster. We must do more to help women advance their careers across the industry.  I am very proud to sign this pledge on behalf of PepsiCo Europe’s leadership team. This commitment will help PepsiCo and the wider consumer product / retail industry to more rapidly scale career opportunities for women.” 

On behalf of all the LEAD Network members, we thank Silviu Popovici and the PepsiCo Europe team for their commitment to driving forward our mission to advance women in consumer goods and retail.

CEOs interested in signing the CEO pledge, please connect with Mick Broekhof at
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