Hello all and a warm welcome. 

We're excited to you're joining this vibrant community and we hope that we can use this community space to have more regular, ongoing opportunities to post questions, support each other and jointly solve D&I for our sector. 

In order to help you navigate this space, take a quick look at the attached document which will show you what functionality exists in this platform and importantly how to set your notifications so you don't miss out but also don't get overwhelmed with emails.  If you're new to the Community, why not take a moment to introduce yourself or even share a question, challenge or interesting resource you've recently come across. We'd also love to hear about what you are working on and any top tips you can share with your peers. Let's celebrate the progress we are making and see if there is opportunities to work together or learn from each other. 

Make this space your own, the more you contribute the more others will and we all benefit. 

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