A grand thanks to Darina Stoyanova, CEO of  PRESTIGE for their Silver Partnership and for their intentional commitment to the LEAD Network mission to attract, retain and advance women in the retail and consumer goods industry in Europe through education, leadership and business development.


Darina says: “The leading and top performing companies have long ago acknowledged the importance of gender diversity for their organisations and we can all pride ourselves for the huge advancements in enhancing female participation in business and leadership. For us at Prestige diversity is not a mere target, it is part of our culture and how we do business at PRESTIGE. Today we have 67% share of women in management positions in the company.


I believe that globally the next big leap will have to be taken in age diversity. The extraordinary breakthroughs in anti-ageing science research that have taken place in the last several years will soon lead to prolonging the human lifespan. The current 3-part lifecycle model - study, work, retire – will have a different dimension. We need to critically challenge the existing biases and stereotypes related to age of our employees. Moreover, we need to derive insights, create age diversity strategies and start taking actions. A number of important questions will come forward on our leadership agendas, such as: How to engage and empower a workforce composed of several generations? How to utilize the age diversity for increasing the team performance, motivation, innovation capabilities, variety of thoughts and approaches? How our leadership model has to change?


I believe LEAD Network can be the driving force, center of expertise and an extraordinary partner in every aspect of diversity, equality and inclusion. Therefore, PRESTIGE is a proud partner and supporter of the LEAD Network.”


We are proud to include PRESTIGE among our silver corporate partners!   Join us in celebrate our new supporter PRESTIGE.  #Thankyou



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