Ryan Whittle and Zoe Georgulas are two volunteers working behind our scenes. You don’t see them but their products are ubiquitous. Their expertise, video shooting and editing, can be admired in the 30+ “Inspirational Journeys” videos in the LEAD Network library.

Ryan and Zoe both work at our first Partner, Kalypso: A Rockwell Automation Company.  Mick Broekhof, Co-Founder, says: “For many years now, volunteers Ryan and Zoe are helping us pursue our Mission. Our heartfelt #thanks for their dedication and commitment.”  

 Ryan Whittle, Communications Manager: “I choose to volunteer because it’s a reminder that other organizations are trying to become more equitable workplaces too and we all face similar struggles. I like being a part of a community that knows trying isn’t enough and doing the smallest things makes an impact to the long arc of progress at the organizations we serve.”

 Zoe Georgulas, Marketing Intern: “I believe that one of the biggest barriers to gender equality in the workplace is being able to talk about it. And beyond that, it’s exciting to know that LEAD Network isn’t just talking, they’re also acting. I’m excited to be a part of the action.”



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