Tim Clay, Managing Director - Asahi UK signed CEO Pledge

March 24, 2021.-

We are proud to announce that Tim Clay, Managing Director of Asahi UK, part of Asahi Europe & International, has signed the LEAD Network Europe CEO Pledge. 


Tim says: “Here at Asahi UK, ensuring a diverse and inclusive workplace which empowers all our colleagues is a priority, irrespective of their differences, personal circumstances and backgrounds. We know that diversity brings a breadth of ideas, perspectives, and experience; enriching the working environment and encouraging creativity and innovation to thrive. Attracting candidates from the broadest possible talent pool will be of huge benefit to our business, as will creating opportunities for all existing colleagues. In signing the LEAD Network CEO Pledge, we are committing to accelerating gender parity and inclusion. Our commitment to this is unequivocal and long-term.”


On behalf of all the LEAD Network Europe Network members, we #thank Tim Clay and the Asahi UK team for their commitment to driving forward our mission to advance women in consumer goods and retail.


In the picture, Tim Clay signing the CEO Pledge.


More  info on the CEO pledge contact with mick.broekhof@lead-eu.net.


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