Gabor Bekefi, CEO of Dreher Sörgyárak, the Hungarian subsidiary of Asahi Europe & International, signed the CEO Pledge. 

We are proud to announce that Gábor Békefi, CEO of Dreher Breweries, the Hungarian subsidiary of Asahi Europe & International, has signed the LEAD Network Europe CEO Pledge. 

Gábor says: "Since 1854, diversity and inclusion have been firmly anchored in our history and corporate culture. Though we were given a multi-generational team as a legacy, generational, gender, and knowledge diversity has become fundamental to our modern corporate culture and people strategy. We believe that different views from different colleagues deliver a rich flow of ideas and a variety of approaches to drive innovation and create an inclusive and future-proof workplace."

On behalf of all the LEAD Network members, we #thank Gábor Békefi and the Dreher Breweries team for their commitment to driving forward our mission to advance women in consumer goods and retail.

Gábor Békefi and Éva Kreiter, HR Director of Dreher Breweries, holding the signed document in the picture.

CEOs interested in signing the CEO pledge can connect with the LEAD Network for more information by emailing

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