Cynthia Mérope - METRO France, has been appointed Chair of the France Chapter 

Cynthia Mérope, Offer and Marketing Director and member of the Board at METRO France, has been appointed Chair of the France Chapter. 

Cynthia said: “I joined LEAD Network because I believe in the power of such a network to spread the seeds of an optimistic future. Taking the chair role is an opportunity to offer my energy and support to the leaders and the future ones in promoting diversity.  METRO AG is a partner company of LEAD Network Europe, and we want to join our strengths by doing not trying.

Markus Sandmayr, General Manager Specialized Nutrition (Bledina S.A./ Nutricia S.A.) France at Danone and Vice-Chair of the France Chapter said: “It is with great pleasure that we welcome Cynthia as chair of the LEAD Network France Chapter. Together, we will make a difference to drive further inclusive diversity in France.   

A special thanks to Odile NONAT COATALEM, who stepped in to run LEAD Network in the last year. She is a great driver and the soul for LEAD France 🇫🇷 daily. Without her passion and perseverance, we would not be with LEAD France 🇫🇷 where we are now. With a strong team in place, we will continue our journey!” 

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