Angeliki Kazantzidi -Johnson & Johnson to lead the Future Vision project in collaboration with Evgenia Profi -The Writing Atelier 

Angeliki Kazantzidi of Johnson & Johnson to lead the Future Vision project at the LEAD Network Europe in collaboration with Evgenia Profi of The Writing Atelier 

Angeliki says: “I am honoured to join LEAD Network as a member and as a volunteer. I am very passionate about diversity & inclusion. I have worked in teams & functions where women were the minority and have experienced firsthand the side effects of lack of diversity. Our world is diverse. The only way retail & CPG can generate value for their consumers & customers is by mirroring the world around them & embracing Diversity & Inclusion. I feel now is the time for me to contribute to this effort and support LEAD Network, as a member, to enhance the 50-50 agenda. I am dreaming of a gender-equal future for myself, for my children, for everyone. I want to be part of making this dream a reality for all!”

Angeliki Kazantzidi is Marketing Director, Self-Care, Skin Health & Professional Marketing South Europe & France, Johnson & Johnson

Evgenia says: “I’m passionate about gender equality because I want my two teenage daughters to have every opportunity to reach their full potential. I want them to achieve success without having to face the same challenges I did. I volunteered with LEAD Network so I can help create a more diverse world for them and all the women in Europe and the world.” 

Evgenia Profi is a Content Strategist at The Writing Atelier 

We welcome Angeliki and Evgenia to our fantastic team of volunteers that helps us drive forward our mission.

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