Ileana Alexandru, HR Vice President, Mega Image - new Chair of the Membership Committee

LEAD Network is pleased to announce the appointment of the new Chair of the Membership Committee  - Ileana Alexandru,  HR Vice President,  Mega Image. 


“Personally, I have arrived at a place in my life when the need to associate myself to a cause that would give more meaning and purpose to my work, came naturally. Professionally, I have gained experience in working with people to understand that certain actions and convictions are driven by different backgrounds in education and life experience, not by bad intentions. I believe, when you work for any cause, it is important to not judge. I also believe that people can change mindsets and behaviors with the right information, through good education and inspired by other people. I am happy I get the chance to contribute to a more gender balanced society, especially in times when our roles, women and men, are put seriously at challenge. I will end by saying that I relate to the LEAD Network cause both as a woman but especially as the mother to my 7-year-old daughter. And while I teach her this world is not perfect, I am also determined to show her that this doesn’t mean you have to stay out and complain but to get in the arena and work to make it better.”  - says Ileana 

We wish Ileana success in the role.  Please join us in congratulating her and wishing her well!   


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