Happy International Men's Day ! - What conversation do you want to have today?

Last October, during our Annual Conference, we brought together 9 leaders from different organisations for our "Male Advocates for an Inclusive Workplace" session. We invited them to share their personal stories that led them to become champions for gender equality.  At the heart of their stories is the ability to listen, to notice (sometimes tiny subtle things), and to take on a different perspective. 


These leaders invite colleagues from within their businesses and leadership teams to a dialogue to uncover the inequalities, barriers, and societal stereotypes that exist today. A dialogue is the most powerful way to get more men on board and create genuinely inclusive culture. What conversation do you want to have today, on International Men's Day?  


A heartfelt #thankyou to the #men in our Network who take personal responsibility to remove barriers to #genderequality and build more #inclusive organisations where everyone can fulfill their true potential. 


To mention a few: Frans Muller, Mick Broekhof, Peter Beets, Ori Ben Shai, Hans Meeuwis, Bas Vorsteveld, Jo Thys, Fabrizio Gavelli, Hans-Peter Gai, Nicholas Brassey, David Souperbiet, Paul Campbell, Ian Mumby, Drako Suman, Dario Cristiano, Paolo Lanzarotti, Wouter Kolk, Rami Baithiéh, Alan Jope, Olaf Koch, Fabrice Beaulieu, David Lawlor, Per Strömberg, George Young, Sylvain Desjonqueres, Tim Brett, Richard Mayfield, Zoran Bogdanovic, Rafael Oliveira, Burak Basarir, Jerome Gilg, Simon Hay, David Rawlinson, Alp Ogucu, Marco Settembri, Brian McNamara, Patrick Smallcombe, Hans Dittrich, Antonio Coto, Őzgür Tort and many more.


#LEADNetwork20 #championsofchange #internationalmensday


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