Paolo Lanzarotti, CEO Asahi Europe & International signs LEAD Network CEO Pledge

Asahi Breweries Europe Group demonstrates its strong commitment to the mission of the LEAD Network in Europe by signing the CEO Pledge. 

Paolo Lanzarotti, CEO Asahi Europe & International, says “At Asahi Europe, promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace as well as empowering women is a priority for us. We know that diversity brings different ideas, thinking and experiences which creates a more inclusive environment and drives innovation. This will benefit our business, as we will be able to attract candidates from a more diverse talent pools, including women, supporting our goals to increase female representation at the senior executive leadership levels. By signing the LEAD Network’s CEO pledge, we are committing to accelerating gender parity and inclusion. The pledge is a demonstrable way of showing this commitment.”


On behalf of all the members of the LEAD Network, we thank Paolo and the Asahi Europe team for their commitment as CEO Pledge signatory, driving forward our mission to advance women in consumer goods and retail.


CEOs interested in signing the CEO pledge can connect with the LEAD Network by emailing


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