Coca-Cola CCI, CEO Burak Basarir, signed the LEAD Network Europe CEOPledge

Coca-Cola CCI, CEO Burak Basarir, signed the LEAD Network Europe #CEOPledge, committing to increase women in managerial & senior management positions by 2025. The online signing ceremony took place October 26, 2020 with the participation of The Coca-Cola Company Chairman & CEO James Quincey & our Co-founder Mick Broekhof.


Başarır said: “In our policies that started with the Workplace Rights we published in 2013 before transforming into Human Rights in 2019, we both determine the framework and renew our pledge on this subject. Principles of the Policy, including Diversity and Inclusion, Arbitrary Discrimination, Safe and Healthy Workplace, clearly demonstrate our distinct point of view on the matter. Again, within this framework, we use the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs), which we have been a signatory since 2015, to guide our efforts to support and develop our woman employees. We believe we still have a lot more to do on this matter. We firmly believe in all our employees and intend to make sure that all of our employees will take the responsibility to realize our goal.” “We aim to advance this sense of equity across all our areas of operation.”


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