Hello and a very warm welcome to all our 2021 Mentors!

We're excited to have you on board and helping our members to grow and advance by sharing your experiences and and a very warm welcome to our Mentorship space. Today, we formally kicked-off the 2021 Programme with our first Webinar which was an opportunity for you to connect with the Programme Leads and also some of your fellow mentors. This community space is intended as a place to further build this community, to provide additional support and inspiration to each other and learn from what's really worked. Please use this community space as a way to share resources that you are finding useful in the conversations with your mentee that others may be able to benefit from. Share questions you have and draw on the experience of the group and get advice, this live feed is yours to fill with life. 

You can also check out the resources we've already collected already so far in the Mentoring Resource tab. Anything you make available via the live feed will also be added over time. 

As a first action, we'd like to invite you to introduce yourself via the live feed and share a bit about yourselves and why you're participating in the programme. 

And a final tip, to make sure you're not getting too many emails, go to your profile and notifications to set the level of updates you'd like to receive from this specific group or any others you are part of. 

Great to have you all on the Programme, 

Maria-Teresa, Tania and Maren

LEAD Network Education Committee

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