Paul Campbell, Sr VP Supply Chain, PepsiCo Europe, is taking on a leadership role at the LEAD Network as a new member of our Advisory Board. Paul is committed to championing gender diversity, and since his appointment, Paul has been able to reflect on the importance of inclusion as we face a rapidly changing world.

“As our entire industry has had to change to react to uncertain times, we’ve had to adopt new ways of working, which are opening our eyes to a newer, more flexible approach. Though this is, by definition, more inclusive, it’s absolutely vital we remember our commitments to advancing gender parity on a structural level, as well. We have to overcome our conscious and unconscious biases to unlock the potential of the people we work with, which feels more relevant now than ever. I am hugely inspired by the work the LEAD Network does to further the cause of diversity. Being on the Advisory Board provides a huge opportunity for me to both learn from and influence this agenda in as an inclusive way as possible.”

Along with all the LEAD Network members, we warmly welcome Paul in his new role at the LEAD Network.

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