It is with great pleasure that I announce that several new committee members have joined the Membership Committee.  With this renewed team, our first committee priorities will be:

- To develop a member engagement program, with a primary focus on the onboarding process for new members to the LEAD Network.

- To continue learning from our members, gathering input and feedback so that as an overall network, we meet your expectations and needs.

Next to the continued passion and leadership from Lauren Stiebing and Sandrine Vinay (thank you!), we are getting the extra commitment and energy from:

- Stefanie Gunia, who works for Kalypso in the Netherlands;

- Elisa Riboldi, who works for Nestle in Switzerland;

- Eduardo (Edu) Delgado, who works for Reckitt Benckiser in Spain'

- Ceren Yonucuoglu, who works for Migros Ticaret  in Turkey;

Please join me in thanking them for their commitment as a volunteer for the LEAD Network!

Here are the personal stories from our new committee heroes, explaining why they wanted to become a volunteer for the LEAD Network. I hope you will find these as inspirational as I did! 

Stefanie: "I believe that not only diversity can enhance results and is essential for innovative thinking, but it is also very beneficial to one's own personal development and growth. I am a strong supporter of advancing diversity in the workforce. But there is still a lot that needs to be done, and therefore I am proud to be a member of the LEAD Network to support its mission to attract, retain, and advance women. After volunteering on the Marketing Committee for two years, I am now looking forward to my new role within the Membership Committee."

Elisa: "I joined the LEAD network to promote D&I best practices and give back to the community, in a time where walking the talk is more important than ever. My particular focus is to engage and enable female colleagues and the younger generation of leaders to voice their vision and speak up. Together, we can be the change we want to see."

Edu: "With a background in business administration, I've developed my career over the past 12 years in a multinational company like RB, holding different Trade Marketing, Account Management, or Field Sales roles until my current role as Sales Director. Now that I am managing a large team volunteering for the LEAD network means a great opportunity to promote D&I not only as a right but also as a strategy to maximize my organization's value. attracting and developing the best talent and revealing their potential, no matter their gender, race, or condition."

Ceren: "Personally, I do not believe such a thing as "gender inequality," but I do feel the actions of people who instead believe there is tends to create such a concept. I make an effort to alter such a belief within my friends and family. However, I find this insufficient to establish a vast difference and wish to reach a great group of people. The most important thing there is to create a passion for D&I within people. Therefore I want to be a part of Lead Network to reach people, get them excited for D&I, and encourage them to take a step forward and make a difference."


Peter Beets

Chair Membership Committee

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