LEAD Publication "Unlimited Potential" for Retailers & Wholesalers


We are proud to launch our new report on flexible working for store managers. Unlimited Potential is a case study of #Waitrose in the UK, a company where flexible working practices have had a big impact on both diversity and productivity.


We commissioned this study because we felt the retail industry in Europe was crying out for practical, detailed examples of how to bring flexible working to the shop floor. Flexible working is the new normal in every developed society, and yet it’s not commonplace in our industry, other than at head office. 


We have to find a way to change this, and fast – both to give better chances to our existing talent, and to become more attractive to people who might not have considered a career in our industry. The topic is becoming even more crucial in the post-pandemic world as retailers and wholesalers seek to increase their adaptability and resilience. 


Please get in touch with mick.broekhof@lead-eu.net or sharon.jeske@lead-eu.net if you would like to receive further details, share your feedback or to gain access to the full report.


Have a look at our  Summary infographic


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