On behalf of the UK Chapter Committee, we would like to thank Rachel Smethurst (Director Of Customer Service, Northern Europe at CHEP) for all her hard work, commitment to the UK Chapter, and broader support for the European LEAD Network. Rachel has been an essential member of our committee, and her energy and insight will be missed by us all! 


We would also like to welcome Phil Dent to the team. Phil is the Business Development & Marketing Director at CHEP in the UK and will be focusing on retailer engagement activities for the UK Chapter. 


Phil says: “I’m absolutely delighted to be joining and contributing to the UK Chapter. The nation looks to our industry in terms of best practice or for continuity in times of crisis, as we’ve seen during COVID. This brings great responsibility in everything we do (from the what to the how). Diversity and Inclusion need to be at the forefront of our priorities. My commitment is to help the LEAD Network widen our group & influence; to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone can excel in a supportive and understanding environment.”


Join us in welcoming Phil to the UK Chapter Committee! 

Clare Walker & Ian Mumby (Chair & Vice-Chair of the UK Chapter Committee)


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