The LEAD Network is proud to welcome L’OCCITANE Group as our new Partner.


Sylvain Desjonquères, L’OCCITANE Group Managing Director says, ‘I firmly believe that diverse teams boost creativity and nurture holistic solutions. Today more than ever, it is crucial to have teams that are diverse in gender and race but also age and personal backgrounds. I am extremely proud that L’OCCITANE Group joins the Leading Executives Advancing Diversity (LEAD) Network. This is an exciting opportunity to leverage the network’s resources as a means of forging ahead with our diversity and inclusion policies. Membership of the network will provide a platform for our employees  to grow on a personal and professional level and drive the Group’s ambition to act as an advocate for women in business within the industry worldwide.’ Along with all the members of the LEAD Network, we thank Sylvain and L’OCCITANCE Group for their strong support of our mission.

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