We need to stop differentiating between male and female leadership. The only thing that matters is good leadership.


It's no secret that there are many advantages to being part of the LEAD Network. For me, one of the major perks was the opportunity to attend the annual network event in Madrid this month. The personal and professional highlights were varied. For example, I finally got the opportunity to meet with my mentor, Mick Broekhof. Mick is one of the founding members of the LEAD network, and his support and advice have been instrumental to me. Having the opportunity to shake Mick by the hand and converse with him face-to-face was a real delight. There were plenty of additional highlights, too. It was a packed day, filled with exceptional and thought-provoking content. To this end, I am keen to capture some of the take-home messages that really struck a chord with me. 


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